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GA L. July 31, 2022
"We had unbelievably horrendous plumbing issues. Ark did a proper correction of the situation at a fair price after others had failed."
Sarah S June 20, 2019
"I had a pretty serious problem with roots in our septic tank pipes. We have old iron pipes but he was able to pin point the problem and get it repaired for us in no time! Danny is the best of the best! Don't waste time hiring someone that has hardly any experience. He was also reasonable unlike so many other plumbers in Kerrville and Fredricksburg. I would recommend him highly!"
Daniel S. June 7, 2016
"I live out of state and he has been very responsive whenever I have called for help. It seems like I am always in a panic because I cannot get to the house to look at it myself and it has been a lifesaver that Ark Plumbing has come to my rescue so many times. The first time I used them was a few years ago when freezing temperatures caused a water line to break under my house, I called him and he was able to come out and repair the damage in very short order, this could have been a disaster for me since I rent the house out for vacation rentals. He charged a very modest price and I was very happy with their service. The second time I used them was when our water line feed to our house was developing leaks and I happened to be there so I had dug down to repair the leak but could never manage to get the leak completely stopped, I called Ark Plumbing, they came right out that day and had better repair materials than I was able to find at the hardware store and managed to get the leak fixed, again the charge was fair and I was very happy with their work. Yesterday I heard from our housekeepers that there is water in the front yard, which tells me I have another leak. I called Ark Plumbing and somehow they managed to come out that day and at least get the water cut off to avoid more flooding and they offered a good plan to replace the bad water line. Again they went out of their way, worked late in order to make sure I was taken care of and sincerely appreciate that effort."
Bob Shipman - Hunt, TX January 11, 2016
"Arrived on time with an assistant, both removed their shoes to save my carpet. I like. We discussed problem until they understood then went to work. Fixing the faucets was not simple and required approx. three hours work. They remained cheerful (while I would have been frustrated and cussing!) They cleaned up, took away the old parts, gave me their bill and explained the warranty. This experience was very pleasant and I would highly recommend Ark Plumbing for any homeowner's plumbing needs."
Nell Staudt S. September 14, 2014
"Very well. He was thorough. He did it quickly, used good materials, and was very polite and cleaned up after himself. He was a professional. He came out about 16 miles and only charged me $17 for the travel fee."
Paula R. June 2, 2014
"Danny has taken over Ark Plumbing after the death of his father a couple of years ago. His mother currently assists, and they make a great team. We liked the personalized service that comes with a small company, and have had no issues with any and all work done. We will be calling Ark when the need arrives for plumbing services."